Tony Romo's broadcast debut began on an awkawrd note. Before calling color on the Week 1 Titans-Raiders game, Romo had an on-air chat with Phil Simms, the man he bumped from the booth to the studio when Romo retired and joined CBS, despite the former Cowboys quarterback having no experience as a broadcaster.

Simms and Romo did the normal back and forth, discussing quarterbacks Derek Carr for a bit. When time came to wrap up the segment, Simms -- who is defintely not mad about this situation -- ribbed Romo with a casual mention of the millions of people who would be watching his debut.

"Good luck today," Simms said. "Don't be nervous, only 50 million people are watching. So don't even think about that."

"I got this in the bag," Romo said.

As it turns out, he was right.

Romo was comfortable and easygoing alongside Jim Nantz during the 26-16 Raiders win. He was able to tell fans things we didn't already know, a skill all too often lacking in NFL broadcasters.

Here's a good example of what Romo brings to the table, when he calls the nickel blitz moments before the ball is snapped. He even beats Carr in noticing the blitz, as the Raiders QB has to throw the ball away.

At times Romo seemed like he was just showing off. "I've got $5 this is a run to the left," he said before this Titans' snap. Moments later, Derrick Henry busted a 10-yard run down the left sideline.

Romo didn't seem totally comfortable just yet, howveer. He was a big fan of just yelling "BOOM" following a big hit or block. At one point, he eschewed any analysis at all to just shout "BEAST MODE" following a Marshawn Lynch run. But he already has a better analytical eye than most NFL broadcasters.

We'll go ahead and chalk this one up as a win for the fans.

Cy Brown writes about football, golf, soccer and other stuff for Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @CEPBrown.